#986 Downstairs House Tour.

A few days ago there was a post here about our finished house tour, but we’re under consideration for a magazine feature and the publisher asked us to take down the photos until the magazine is released. I’ll let y’all know as soon as I can about what magazine it is!


Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Daily Journal

5 thoughts on “#986 Downstairs House Tour.

  1. I found you on Hooked on Houses and am happy to know that my dream house in my favorite color, with my dream furnishings does exist. Yes, God is good! I love what you and your husband have done with your dream house. It is beautiful! Enjoy it.


    P.S. I love my Ektorp sofa, too!
    P.S.S. Are those Great Pyrenes dogs? My sister had two and they were the best!

  2. Hi Monica!!

    Thank you so so much for your sweet words! We've worked really hard and it's a huge blessing to finally just live in it. 🙂 Yes, we have a great pyrenees and a great pyrenees/yellow lab mix. They're the best dogs on earth!

  3. Thank you Erin. I did take a look at the feature on Design Sponge and I love everything about your home. It is so cozy and friendly. Also, I am so glad I found your blog. Wishing you continued success with the blog, business and TV show.

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