#964 Baker Pool.

Every morning I go running with Baker and Chevy individually. Sometimes Baker and I run to the grocery store if I only need one or 2 things I can carry with me. We go early in the morning before it’s hot, but every single time as we’re running past the Downtown Laurel mural, there never fails to be a huge shallow puddle of water, and he never fails to go sit in it, quite politely, then he lies down and basks in his hairy wetness.

This is interesting to me because we bought he and Chevy a kiddie pool and they won’t dare get in it. What gives?


Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Daily Journal

2 thoughts on “#964 Baker Pool.

  1. My two weimeraners are the same way. I have a plastic pool that I use to dip my toes in if I'm in the yard that they love. But when it comes to their pool, they won't get in. Dogs are strange but oh so lovable!

    PS – does Baker go in the grocery store too? 🙂

  2. Dogs are so bizarre! Baker boy doesn't go inside, though I know he'd love to.. ha. He gets leashed up to the concrete poles right outside the door and becomes a petting zoo for children while I run in. he's the pied piper of kids!

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