#912 Fluffernutter Sandwich & Wallpaper.

Have you heard of the Stately Sandwiches blog? This gal is making the sandwich of every state in America, and after spotting the fluffernutter sandwich of Massachusetts, I was interested. I tried it for dinner tonight, and found a very pleasant surprise. You really HAVE to try it. Or is this a popular thing and I’m just late to the party?!

Also, I’m on the fence about something and would love your opinion. I’m thinking about wallpapering the upper half of our staircase walls. I found these very cool toiles today (or as Ben calls it, “black and white pictures of people doing old-timey things”) that make me think I could love them forever. Or a long time, at least. I think it would be cool to have some pattern in an unexpected place, right in the center of the house behind the pretty old glass staircase doors.

But then I see things like this, and think paint is the only way to go:
What do you think?
Oh, first world problems. Ugh.


Sunday, June 10th, 2012

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6 thoughts on “#912 Fluffernutter Sandwich & Wallpaper.

  1. I like the first picture, but not as crazy about the second one. And of course the 3rd picture looks great too.

  2. My Mom used to make me those kind of sandwiches when I was young except she used jumbo marshmallows instead of marshmallow creme…they were warm and toasty and gooey! My suggestion to the staircase walls would be to create boxes with moulding and then wallpaper inside the boxes with the toile wallpaper. Or, use black picture frames with large matting…covered in toile…and a solid white inner-matting…with very special and unique small photos in black and white. Thanks for sharing…can't wait to see what's next! -Jimmy B.

  3. Erin, I've been making fluffernutters forever! I introduced the girls here at work to them last year, they had never heard of them either, and they were crazy over them. Josh grew up alternating between PB & J, and fluffernutters. It's all good if there is peanut butter involved!

  4. I think the first wallpaper is elegant and beautiful. It's not so much color that it would take away from all of the clean, contemporary white that you are using in your home. It would be a nice surprise to see a pattern such as this on your staircase. I always love to see the latest thing you have done to the lovely Napier home!

  5. The first wallpaper would look beautiful! Not so sure about the second one but I think you could make it work! 😉 Either way….it will be great. I love the idea of the pattern in an unexpected place as well. Breaks up the solid. Love that.

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