#881 The Vincents.

There was another neighborhood watch meeting tonight, this time at the home of our former mayor, Mrs. Susan Vincent. We’ve always adored her, especially when she was mayor for all those years, but I’ve really come to appreciate her since we’ve moved to the neighborhood. She goes out of her way to meet everyone in town, and she really honestly cares about everyone she meets I believe. Seeing the inside of her gorgeous home on Gardiner Park was like exploring a magazine feature. The artwork is my favorite, hung the way I favor it from ceiling to floor and nothing typical about any of it. For the first time ever we met her husband, Mr. George. We just thought we loved her. By the time we left, Ben was ready to start a fan club for her boot wearing, rattlesnake wrangling, horse riding cowboy husband. As a couple, they’re totally charming. Who knew we had a dang Sam Elliott living around the corner?


Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Daily Journal

One thought on “#881 The Vincents.

  1. Erin, Get Ms. Vincent to tell you about that framed glass from her door when she was Mayor, and whose idea it was for her to have it for her going away present. There is a very thoughtful someone that always loved her very much and she was HIS Mayor from 1st grade to 12th grade when he was in school. In 1st grade, he told her she needed to plant flowers and build a big baseball park, so he just naturally thinks the Sportsplex was built for him. I think you know him.

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