#717 Saturday in Gardiner Park.

How lucky are we that this is where we get to live?


I can’t believe I wanted out of here in high school. 


Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Daily Journal

6 thoughts on “#717 Saturday in Gardiner Park.

  1. I keep reading your blog everyday. I'm from Laurel but live in Fort Worth right now. It's nice to see glimpses of "home" on your blog. It's also so nice to see your love for both the Lord & your husband. I have no reason to believe that you are not the sweetest girl ever. Just wanted to say hello. 🙂

  2. Sam!! It's SO nice to meet you here—I just have no idea who reads this thing and it's amazing to see that I can connect you to home in some small way. Now I'll be making your blog a daily read as well! 🙂 What's your last name? Might we know each other?

  3. My last name used to be Roberts but it's now Jones. I don't believe we know one another. I went to LHS & graduated in 03 then went to MC…now in Fort Worth. I don't think I quite appreciated Laurel as much while I lived there but now being gone, I see that I miss it dearly & enjoy seeing glimpses all over your blog. I literally walk away every day so encouraged by your life & in a lot of ways am challenged to be a better wife & friend to those in my life. I have to be honest, I have needed that challenging to move out of stagnant & complacent mundane living. The Lord is using you in ways you have no idea…be encouraged!

  4. Wow. I can't tell you how flattering that is! Sometimes I feel worn out on blogging since it's an every single day thing, but your comments are making me feel like it's definitely worth it. Thank you SO Much for the encouragement!! I graduated in 2003 from NEJ and was a good friend of Nancy Rogers'—did you know her?

    How in the WORLD did you find my little corner of the world wide web anyway?!

  5. I do remember Nancy. I don't think we were ever good friends (I really loathed high school) but I remember her as being really nice. Honestly, I think I was just looking at Dawn Trest's blog & clicked on some of her links. Or maybe JJ Benson's. I went to church at Highland with Michael & Adam & met Dawn when they just started dating. It's been a long while that I've been "secretly reading". 🙂

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