#709 Doghouse. Done.

We finished it! Well, Ben did and I painted. I’m SO impressed! I promise it could withstand another Katrina. It’s not moving. Ever.


How do we make the dog go in there?

Today is the 7th anniversary of our “first date.” Law, I get so sentimental about it!


Friday, December 9th, 2011

Daily Journal

3 thoughts on “#709 Doghouse. Done.

  1. hey holly!

    he just made it up as he went, but he said they might have a free plan you can download on lowes.com? the base started with a palette, then he put a floor on it, made studs and braces, and so forth. we just used scrap wood we had around the shop, shingles that were left over from my parents' new roof, and bought beadboard panels for the walls. it cost about $50 to build total. it was really fun to do! good luck with your project! 🙂

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