#685 The leash & another room down.

I know you’re tired of the house updates, but that’s literally all that’s going on in my life these days. Chad and Annalee came over again tonight and knocked out yet another room! We now only have 3 smallish rooms left to paint downstairs and 3 upstairs, then we’ll be finished. I’ll post photos when there’s some nice sunlight cause it’s been rainy all day today—but it’s making fast progress thanks to our sweet friends —who also provided dinner tonight. We owe them SO big.

In Chevy news, we have determined:

1. His full name will be Chevrolet.

2. He loves going on a walk, but doesn’t love the leash so much. He’s VERY interested in sniffing every. Single. Thing we walk past. He sometimes just sits or lays down and refuses to go when I tug at the leash, and it took 30 minutes to walk to the end of our block, but I’m thrilled to death that he’s catching on slowly but surely.

3. He is TERRIFIED of anything that’s thrown. If we toss a treat to him, he runs with his tail between his legs as far as possible from us. If we throw the tennis ball and he sees it happen, even if it’s to the other side of the yard, he yelps in terror and runs to hide in the bushes for a few hours. What in the world does this mean?

4. Turns out that at 5 months old he’s already a really great guard dog. We have both walked up to the backyard fence from the side where he didn’t see us coming. When he heard footsteps, if we didn’t call out to him he went into super fierce guard dog bark mode. He’s tough as nails. Till he knows who it is, then he’s just a shy puppy again.


Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Daily Journal

7 thoughts on “#685 The leash & another room down.

  1. For starters, pyrs aren't much for fetching; they're too smart for it. Ours might go get it once and bring it back, but after that I think they think to themselves, "I just brought it back! Why did you throw it away again?"

    That still doesn't explain the fearfulness, though. Our second pyrenees Ellie had a lot of issues with being irrationally scared of things, and sadly we were never able to cure her of it. It's difficult dealing with a dog when they're scared of something; I can handle a dog who misbehaves, but you have to treat fear different. And I don't know how.

    You should totally contact the Dog Whisperer. lol For realz. He might come to Mississippi – ya never know!!

    As for the leash, you might just let him wear it for a while without trying to walk him. Just put it on him for a little while every day until he's comfortable wearing it. Give him treats whenever you put it on him, too.

    It's good to hear that Chevy is guarding his property! He'll keep your yard safe from people as well as rabbits and other small furry animals (Samson HATES the bunny that lives outside his window lol).

  2. Yep, everything I've been reading on them sounds like textbook pyrenees behavior except for the throwing thing. He's just HORRIFIED.

    Also, he's not really into treats still. Even pot roast didn't tempt him much. He just sniffed my hand then turned his head away. I'd leave it on the ground in front of his nose, then he ate it when I walked away. So… Oddly, giving treats to get him to do things isn't an option. Boo! 🙁

  3. Well I think it's pretty clear that either he's suffered some kind of neglect/abuse OR he's just so unsocialized that he doesn't understand what you're trying to do. He's behaving in a submissive manner, which is always better than aggressive fearfulness, so that's good at least. He may just need time and patience.

  4. We just took a walk allllll the way around the block this morning and it was awesome. He sniffed some, but mostly he trotted along a little behind me. He's extremely calm and obedient, he's just a scaredy cat. I think we're gonna work through it!

  5. 1. your house is gorgeous. i love the colors!
    2. have you asked the previous owners about his behavior? was he from a shelter? it sounds like he was abused. at least he's in great hands now!

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