#680 Chevy.

Ben went a day early and made the 3 hour drive to bring home our new pup, Chevy. He’s 5 months old and the size of a labrador. When he’s all grown up he’ll be the size of a great dane, about 32″ tall at the shoulder.

 We brought him in for his first bath and he was extremely compliant.

He’s so so so shy and skittish, but hopefully he’ll get used to us before long. Anyone else ever had an older puppy act this way?  Will he grow out of it and become a tough, ferocious guard dog that’s good at playing fetch and will be my running buddy? I hope so.


Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Daily Journal

3 thoughts on “#680 Chevy.

  1. what a cute puppy! look at those eyes! I'm sure he'll be attached to you guys in no time! btw, I happened to stumble on your blog and love it. it's so much fun to read. I'm up to February 2010. I met Ben at Loblolly (I had the cupcake booth). you guys seem pretty awesome, I have to say.

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