#622 Door & Dinner Table part 3.

Door, DONE. It went from this to this:

Dinner table braces, DONE.

Tomorrow, we start the finish on the table top. That’s what I’ve been most excited about. Woohoo!


Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Daily Journal

5 thoughts on “#622 Door & Dinner Table part 3.

  1. your blog truly fascinates me. i take it y'all dont ever watch tv? how could you possibly have time to with all of these gorgeous projects!?! 🙂 congrats on the new house…it's gorgeous.

  2. Did you ever post a "how to" on your farm table? It is gorgeous, and just the one I want to build. Can you at least tell me where you got those amazing table legs? Thanks!

  3. Hi Katshby! I never posted a how-to since Ben really just made it up as he went. He's great at building VERY sturdy (heavy!) furniture and he used reclaimed deck floor boards for the top. He planed them on the top and sides by hand so they would butt together perfectly without gaps. The legs are not actually legs at all, but my parents' old front porch columns. I hope that's helpful!

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