#597 Cowboy Jim’s.

We try to go places we’ve not been before whenever it’s possible, and tonight we tried Cowboy Jim’s out from Collins. It’s pretty legendary around south Mississippi so it was worth the hour drive to try it.
 Such great steaks.

Even better entertainment.



Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Daily Journal

4 thoughts on “#597 Cowboy Jim’s.

  1. BAHAHA! later on he called ben zac brown and asked him to get up and sing. maybe you don't know who that is? he's huge around here.

  2. I ride east every other Friday
    But if I had it my way
    A day would not be wasted on this drive….

    Do I know Zac Brown? The hubs has been trying to convince me to move to Alabama since we met. We play country in this house. Baby steps to the South. 😉

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