#549 We’re Home.

After another awesome trip to Lake Junaluska with 24 students, we’re home again home again.

God is good all the time.


Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Daily Journal

2 thoughts on “#549 We’re Home.

  1. Is it sad that the only reason I've heard of the place is because of the Avett Brothers ("St. Josephs")? Honestly, I didn't know where Missouri was before I moved here. I thank the California public school system! 😉

    Just found your blog and I'm nuts about your home. We're trying to buy a downtown building about the age of yours so I'm obsessed with gathering ideas right now!

  2. Hi Lara Jane!! That is SO insane that you mention St. Joseph's, because I was listening to it a minute before I read your comment. I had never heard of Lake J until I met my husband 7 years ago—he's been going there since he was a little boy. How did you stumble upon my blog? I'm happy to meet you! I love talking downtown revitalization, so I'm around if you ever want to talk! 🙂

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