#413 Open Mic.

Finally, after a 9 year hiatus I played an open mic at my old stomping grounds. When I was in high school, I was a professional at open mic and I kind of lost interest in playing music when I got to college. After some prodding by my family and friends, I signed on to be apart of the first ever City Centre Crepes & Coffee open mic night called 3rd Thursdays. I was astounded to see so many of my sweet friends there, and I have no idea why I had a panic attack about playing. I got a little dizzy at the end of my first song and cut the set short, but I’m still glad I did it. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

photo by Chad Edwards

This is Shane. He was my guitar teacher for 5 years when I was growing up. He was an awesome influence in my life and he’s responsible for organizing the open mic night.

Thanks, guitar for making my dress ride up and look obscene.


Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Daily Journal

5 thoughts on “#413 Open Mic.

  1. Last night was so much fun for me. It was nice to have a date with my hubby. I really enjoyed everyone's talent. I would love to do that and I SO admire anyone brave enough to get up and sing before others. You were my absolute favorite! "Many a mile" was a great song and you totally rocked "Me and Bobby McGee". How did God cram so much talent into such a little person? You sing, you play guitar, you paint beautiful watercolors, you are a great writer, you're outstandingly creative with Lucky luxe. And somehow, you are charmingly shy and humble about it all.

  2. Well thank you VERY much for coming. 🙂 You're always so sweet to me! This is the most flattering thing anyone's ever said to me!

  3. Look at you go with the guitar. Impressive! I have been talking to the hubs about wanting F to start strumming. Nosy question: How old were you when you started? He thinks I'm nuts to want to get her started at 3…

  4. Aw thanks! Not a nosey question at all—I think you should DEFINITELY start her in music as young as possible. The best musicians I know started very young. I began piano lessons when I was 7, took them for 7 years then picked up guitar quite easily. I think piano is a great place to start, then move on to guitar. It helps learning guitar make sense, I think. I HAVE to see it if she starts playing an instrument. I'm not sure I could stand it, actually. The cute would kill me.

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