#402 Souper Sunday.

Ben and I don’t get into pro sports, so the Super Bowl is really just another day. We had the annual Souper Sunday fundraiser for the youth, I ran in and out of MaryCollis’ baby dedication, then finally Mr. Ben came home from the confirmation retreat he’s been on all weekend! We went to mama’s to “watch” the game (talk while it was on in the background), and as usual Clark tried his best to pick Ben up and throw him around. It never happens.

The Georgia Panthers won! Woo cat souie!

Mama and Clark:

We forced Dr. Phil to smile. Can you tell?

Oh well. You Celtics fans—there’s always next year.


Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Daily Journal

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  1. ha! i watched "pretty woman" while the game was on. so not into it. by the way, phil looks JUUUUUST like raz in this photo – coveralls and errythang. love it.

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