#397 Best friends.

Late last night (or actually early this morning), we were watching Dawson’s Creek on DVD. It was my favorite show in high school, but I see now how cheesy and contrived the script was, how bad the actors were (sorry, love you Katie!). Ben knew it was going to be a corn fest 5 minutes in, so he gave up on trying to watch it and focused on getting up and down, throwing his 50 pound leg over me, rolling over alot, or staring at me until I noticed. I found it hysterical that he couldn’t sit still for just 30 minutes, and inexplicably got the giggles about EVERYTHING. We turned off the show and turned out the lights.

We started talking about the possibility that a little man might live on top of the closet loft in our bathroom because we never go up there. We talked about how I’m terrible at baking cakes.
I asked him, “why’d you let me eat that cake today? I can’t get that awful sugary feeling out of my mouth. I brushed my teeth twice.”
I got up and went to the kitchen for a handful of pretzels and stumbled back to the bed in the dark and sat up eating them while he kept saying, “You’re gonna go in there and brush your teeth again after you eat those. You can’t sleep with pretzel mouth. You’re brushing your teeth, missy.” I said, “Nuh uhhhhh! I do what I want! I eat pretzels in bed!”
So I continued eating my pretzels and they were crumbling all in the bed, which normally would drive me insane. I NEVER eat in the bed. He found it hysterical and told me I was getting crumbs in his chest hair, “unacceptable,” he told me. So I finished eating and took a big sip of my water when he said “Maybe that little man sneaks into the kitchen at night and eats all the Special K bars.”
I got tickled and spilled water all over us both, but we didn’t care—it just made it even funnier to us. I dried it the best I could with a towel, and laid my head on his shoulder to try to sleep. I couldn’t, because I can’t stop coughing after I’ve been laughing hard.
He told me, “I wish I didn’t snore on my back. I’d like it if you always slept like this.”
I said, “You can snore if you want to.”
He said, “You’re my best friend.”
I said, “You’re mine too. I love you Mitter Ben.”
He held my hand against his chest and rubbed his foot against mine and we went to sleep.


Monday, January 31st, 2011

Daily Journal

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