#395 Imperfections.

Sometimes, the imperfect cake tastes good anyway:

Sometimes your friends part their hair imperfectly, and it’s funny and you laugh so hard you cry about it:
The imperfect moment when I backed into the bathroom heater makes a perfect burn mark that’s cool to show people:
And when life is imperfect, you just have to roll with it. I mean, that is a really cool burn isn’t it?


Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Daily Journal

3 thoughts on “#395 Imperfections.

  1. That burn is cool, honey bee. 😉

    Baking is for chemists and those who have lots and lots of practice! It's taken me 5 years to make a decent cake.

  2. Ha! It was so long ago, I'm really not sure. Maybe a buttermilk cake with just plain ole caramel poured over the top?

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