#376 Our own stationery.

There’s this funny thing—when you do something for a living, you’re the last one to use your own services. I’ve been a stationer for over 2 years now, but never set aside the time to create a stationery suite for Ben and I. Finally, finally…

Grey letterpress on ecru Crane Lettra. I did custom silhouettes the day he finally got a haircut. What a gent!

Now I better start writing y’all letters, huh?


Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Daily Journal

2 thoughts on “#376 Our own stationery.

  1. I totally understand!!!! we have so little photo's of us because I always have the camera.oh … and i love your personal stationary! – Leslie

  2. yes! my dad is a physical therapist yet my mom's back is always hurting. he doesn't have time to get to us—and I totally get that now.

    thanks for the sweet words!

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