#2,251 Greenlight.

When we were approached about Skyping with a producer out of the blue in 2014, we never believed for a second it would go anywhere or that we could ever possibly get a show on HGTV… But Wednesday we got a phone call that will change our town and our lives. Season 1 of Home Town starts filming this spring. We got the series greenlight, y’all!

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And we announced it today at the annual chili cookoff. The timing made so much sense to tell our Laurel family all together. I said the “thank yous”, then Ben got the mic to tell the news… But just like at our wedding when he began to say his vows, he got emotional out of nowhere and couldn’t make the words come out, so he grabbed me for a kiss, collected himself, spilled the beans, and then we all cheered the big news together while Homegrown by Zac Brown Band echoed around the buildings on Central Avenue.

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This couldn’t have happened without you amazing people who told your friends and watched the pilot and rallied for us. What it means for Laurel is that we now have permission to dream as big as we want, we can open those stores and restaurants that we feared didn’t seemed feasible, we can buy houses on the fringe streets that need the most love. We’ve all been empowered to take this as far as we want, to change a tiny town and the hearts of the naysayers who said it couldn’t be done. Tonight I’m celebrating and thinking of my favorite quote from Annie Besant that my daddy emailed one day out of the blue when I was still working in the cubicle so many years ago:

Never forget that life can only be nobly inspired and rightly lived if you take it bravely and gallantly as a splendid adventure.

Are y’all ready for this crazy journey, friends? Let’s go!


Saturday, February 20th, 2016

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  1. So excited for you two and your town and for me…I get to watch all the goodness to come! Praying you’ll stay close to Him and to each other as the craziness begins…

  2. So ready! Can’t wait! Excited for you, praying God’s Grace on your lives and for His Guidance in all you do. Wish I could be more than just a viewer. I’ll contribute what I can in prayer from my front row fan seat. XOXO, CRD

  3. This is awesome news.!! God is using the two of you to touch so many lives and hearts. I am praying for you!

  4. That you each have said you’re praying for us means more to me than you can understand. We are so thankful for them!

  5. So happy for you Erin! Been reading here for so long (Shruti from CT) here . We don’t have cable but I’ve been rooting for you so hard — please make hometown come to Netflix! 🙂
    Will #dropclithcurtain or #butchertopcounter #porchang be the new trendy thing now? 😉

  6. Congrats to the most humble, caring couple on television. Well deserved. I am most happy for the people and the shops in your little town. Jon well done. God is great. In all the upcoming chaos that ensue, remember to lean on each other for support and never lose sight of that. FYI y’all will be great parents one day.

  7. Congratulations! I’ve been praying for the two of you. This is such an exciting adventure and I can’t wait to watch it unfold!

  8. Congratulations, Erin! God has great things in store for you two. So proud small town Mississippi will receive the positive recognition it deserves. You guys will tell its story so well. We don’t have cable, but we’ll catch the show on Netflix and follow along here, as we have since the very beginning! I’ve loved your blog since day one, and I knew great things would come from it if the right people found it. We’ll be praying for you on this journey. Good luck!

  9. Wonderful news Erin & Ben! This is well deserved success.
    Good luck with filming the new series; it will be a crazy and exciting time for you and your town. Just think, Laurel is going to be the new Waco 😉
    Please tell me Home Town will be airing in Canada?!

  10. Congratulations, friend!!! I am not surprised at all, but so excited for you two, and for everyone in your town! Can’t wait to watch everything unfold!

  11. Best of luck in this new adventure. I’m from WA state and I’ve been enjoying a glimpse at Laurel every day for the last couple of years. It’s a treat to see you on TV and to know there is more to come.

  12. I am so excited for you and your town! I will be watching from Birmingham, Alabama. In the meantime, I really hope that this will spur other small towns on to regroup, reorganize and develop plans to take back their “homes” and love their hometowns! Congratulations! (And I love my Ouida towel!). Maybe one day you will see my husband and I enjoying your main street!

  13. Erin, I cannot believe we missed the announcement at the chili cookoff! I loved meeting you and I asked my husband if I acted like a crazy person when I spotted you ha. You were so gracious and kind to us and we were thrilled to finally meet you! I saw Ben several times but he was busy judging for the cookoff.
    Before we headed to Laurel yesterday morning my neighbor stopped on her morning walk and I told her where I was going. She got so excited and said her daughter had been dying to come to Laurel.

    Congratulations Erin and Ben!!!!! May the Lord richly bless and watch over you both as you enter this very special time in your lives.

  14. Yay!! We are so excited for you! We can’t wait to see more episodes…I can’t bring myself to erase the pilot on my DVR!! Big hugs and congrats from Iowa!!

  15. Couldn’t happen to two better people. Sending you love, and prayers, and well wishes on this new and exciting adventure! -hugs-

  16. I knew it would happen! I have been a long time reader and have been saying it for so long…there’s this girl, who lives just in the next town from us, and yeah, well, she’s about to be famous! I can’t wait to come see some of the transformation of Laurel in person! Maybe Raymond, MS can be next! Congrats and hang on because I am sure the ride will be one for the record books! Much love!

    • Congratulations. How exciting. You and Ben must be over the moon. I cannot wait to see more episodes. When will the next one air?

  17. I’m so very happy for you and Ben – and for Laurel. I loved the little time I got to spend there in that great loft across the street from your loft. Fun to be able to say ‘I knew you when…’
    Wishing y’all the very best!

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