#2,250 JDH is in Town.

Jimmy Don Holmes, everyone’s favorite metal artist from Fixer Upper, landed in Laurel today to be a guest judge of the annual chili cookoff downtown tomorrow. He rolled up looking like J.R. Ewing in a silver belly cowboy hat and a cigar in his mouth.   

Our crew gave them a good welcome as we were leaving the airport:  

And on a quick walking tour of downtown, we ran smack into a couple who were visiting Laurel from New York because of Home Town. That’s twice we’ve met people in one week! They were so gracious and kind!

And then we took the Texans for dinner at Cafe La Fleur followed by hanging out at our place where JDH surprised the Tews with a custom sign. They were tickled to death. 

And now 3 huge men are piled up together on one sofa looking at real estate on a phone.  

And it’s real funny in person.



Friday, February 19th, 2016

Daily Journal

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  1. Well, I’ve just now this minute finished reading your archives from your very first blog post to present day. Like weeks of Netflix binging, ha! What a beautiful, honest, and inspirational story. I’m so glad it isn’t over yet. 🙂

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