#2,246 When A Man Loves A Woman.

Saturday night I posted this on Instagram (a recurring fun question I like to pop from time to time): 
And was surprised by my mama’s answer: “Andy Garcia in When A Man Loves A Woman.”  

1. I had no idea she had ever liked Andy Garcia, period.

2. I’ve never seen that movie and Meg Ryan is in it! How have I missed that one?  

So tonight we had a movie night with my parents and it broke my heart and made me feel all lovey and thankful for a happy marriage and parents who gave us a healthy, loving marriage to learn from. So, what movie character would you marry?


Monday, February 15th, 2016

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3 thoughts on “#2,246 When A Man Loves A Woman.

  1. Gary Oldman as Dracula in Bram Stoker’s Dracula (he loved Mina).
    Richard Gere as Will Keane in Autumn in New York
    I haven’t seen When a man Loves a Woman in a long time, good movie

  2. Al Carver from “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken,” or Gilbert Bylthe from “Anne of Green Gables.” Had so many day dreams growing up about these two men!!!

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