#2,240 Home Town Encore.

It was another huge day full of love and support from every corner of the country and we feel tiny and insignificant and undeserving and grateful. I’m so very tired.

Ben’s brother Sam, Lyn and the kids surprised us and came to spend the day helping us get all our work and shipping done at the shop so we could all watch the encore of Home Town together tonight.

After the dinner Sam and Ben cooked for us all, we pre-gamed at Josh and Emily’s since baby Sam was sound asleep, then ran back home for the show where we live tweeted the whole thing, which takes great stamina and energy.    

If this is where it ends for Home Town, if we don’t get to make a series, we will still be forever grateful for it all. What an adventure!



Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Daily Journal

14 thoughts on “#2,240 Home Town Encore.

  1. I was so pumped to watch the encore of Home Town tonight! Your blog has been a joy to read for the last several years! I am one of those silent readers who never leaves a comment, but I look forward to reading every single day. I have a snow day tomorrow, and I was determined to stay awake and watch! I made the mistake though of stretching out on the couch… Zzzzzz. However, just by chance, I woke up at 1 to see Home Town on the TV! Erin, all I can say is that it was wonderful and beautiful and so very sweet. I actually teared up watching because you and Ben did such an amazing job! I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family. Thank you for sharing your story and life on this blog!

    • Awww Jodi! You don’t have to be a stranger! Thank you so much for your kind words about the show. We watched just a little bit of the 1 am showing too—night owls, you know. 😉 Thank you for following along with us!

  2. So glad I stumbled upon the encore of the premier! Congrats! I’m cheering on my fellow Mississippians (even if you are Ole Miss alum… Hail State!) and hoping you have a long running series! It’s obvious you love what you do, and I may just have to stalk you in Laurel if this whole HGTV thing doesn’t pan out. Best wishes!

  3. The love you have not only for each other, but for the work in which you do is so evident in every thing you do! I will say a prayer (or two!) that this turns into a series for you. You and Ben are amazing and you give me faith in humanity!

  4. Round 2 was just as great as Round 1 (obviously)! 🙂
    So glad I got to watch you two cuties again last night. Cheering you on from OK and crossing fingers and toes that you will make it to series!!

      • I want too soooo badly!! We’re saving up for a big trip in May, but after that, I’m telling Shaun that our next trip is down to Laurel to hang out and do some antique shopping with my best girls! 😉

  5. I loved everything about the show. I love the both of you, so genuine. I loved your decorating flare, elegant but very homey feeling. I loved the fact your husband works with wood. My brother is a carpenter by trade, and builds everything…houses, cabinets, benches, you name it. I think your show will be a hit. It already is in my book!

  6. Oh my goodness Erin! I tuned in again and my husband who never ever watches HGTV loved Hometown! I kept telling him how much I fell in love with you and Ben. He saw what I was talking about and he said they really are the real deal and hopes and prays along with me that the show gets picked up. I called Mom and she watched too ha. I tell everybody I know about you and being from Mississippi, my family says you and Ben make them proud.
    Btw, Ben made us laugh too. The chemistry between you two is so amazing!

    Yall seem like family. Thank you for sharing and best of luck to you!

    • What a huge compliment, Debbie! I wish I could give y’all hugs! Thank you SO SO much, friend! Y’all are my little internet family here! 🙂

  7. What’s the best way we can tell HGTV we want more Home Town? We recorded the pilot and we’ve watched it 3 times!

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