#2,239 Illustrating.

Oh goodness, y’all. I got frustrated with my abilities today and wished I could do more than I can. You ever been there? It’s like I know the caliber and kind of work I want to make, but I’m just not there yet. I need more time and practice. I spent the morning with intentions of starting an illustrated watercolor map of the town with all our favorite landmarks, but ended up just doing a few of the landmark icons and no map because I was stumped about where to begin. BUT, I did get this far and I’m thinking I may try to add it to the website somehow and make each place a clickable link to a Google map.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.35.46 PM

All our shops and restaurants have been reporting lots of visitors from out of town because of the show (!!!! thank you sweet people who are visiting!!!) so I just want to somehow give y’all a tour of just a few of our favorite places since we can’t do it in person for each of you. Stay tuned!


Monday, February 8th, 2016

Daily Journal

12 thoughts on “#2,239 Illustrating.

  1. I’m thinking you’re underestimating yourself…this is just charming! I love the idea of the links going to an actual map. I find illustrated maps can sometimes be hard to follow and out of scale to ‘real life.’ You’re on the right track in my book…

  2. I think you’re underestimating yourself…this is simply charming! I love the idea of linking it to a ‘real’ map. I’ve found that illustrated maps can sometimes be poorly scaled and hard to follow. You’re on the right track in my book!

  3. Erin, this is so wonderful. It “feels” to me exactly like a place I’d adore and love to visit and explore. Great work!

  4. I think you are being hard on yourself! That is absolutely adorable and illustrated so well. You are mighty talented, girl! 🙂

  5. This turned out perfect. Don’t be so hard on yourself. After all, you’ve been busy designing beautiful invitations and promoting an HGTV pilot–duh. You have more talent in your pinky finger than I do in my whole body.

  6. I am SO EXCITED to hear the pilot episode will be airing tonight. Not only do I plan to set the dvr, but I am staying up past my bedtime to watch it. I didn’t know anything about the show when it originally aired, and happened to turn to it in the last 5 minutes. I could tell in that brief viewing time that your show would become a favorite of mine. Thank you!!!

  7. Just take it a step at a time! I get ahead of myself all the time and then get frustrated because I can’t get there all at once. Your first step is a good one, I love illustrations like that. Keep on practicing like you have been, that is part of the process and gradually you be at where you see it before you know it!

  8. I think it’s a great start, Erin. You don’t give yourself enough credit for how talented you really are!

    Looking forward to watching the debut again tonight!

  9. Your mom is right……of course……you are extremely talented! I can barely draw a stick figure. So I am always in awe of artists. I love the map ideas…..can’t wait to see Laurel in person.


  10. Oh my goodness, y’all. Thank you so so much for your encouragement! I’m still very much a student and learning a little about the medium every day. I’ll keep you posted as I go along with new stuff!

  11. This is perfect! Thank you for your response to my Instagram request. This was exactly what we were needing! We can’t wait to check out Laurel during our anniversary trip next month!

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