#2,234 Bakery + Walking.

Today we had a meeting with Joe. Joe and his wife have bought one of the buildings downtown and are restoring it to its turn of the 20th century looks and opening a bakery that will make Laurel feel so Stars Hollow, my heart beats fast thinking about it.  Ben and I are going to give them advice on the design and I may be doing some nostalgic brand design for them too. I’m gaining 5 lbs. just thinking about the cinnamon rolls.

And late tonight, we took a walk with the pups around the neighborhood that was so picturesque I couldn’t help but snap a photo of it.   

We only passed one car tonight on our walk. I think we live what you’d call a quiet life.


Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Daily Journal

5 thoughts on “#2,234 Bakery + Walking.

  1. Hi Erin! Do y’all see yourselves flipping homes in Laurel on your own? Sounds like y’all are heading that way! Also, any idea on reruns for the show?

  2. That building looks like it could be charming! What a fun project for both of you!

    P.S. I went to go “Like” this but then realized I wasn’t on Instagram 🙂

  3. Oh yay! Finally a bakery returning to downtown Laurel. I dream about M&M bake shop and those petit fours and cookies with the dab of icing in the middle, etc.

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