#2,232 Brand New.

So I’ve had facebook since I started at Ole Miss in 2005 and it’s been an album collecting our lives since then. I’m sure plenty of people can relate to me when I say it’s been like the scrapbook of our lives for so many years it sometimes feels like you can’t really function without it these days. Since the show aired a little over a week ago, I’ve had the sudden shock of so many strangers requesting my ‘friendship’ there, and of people from my friends list that I’ve not communicated with in years and barely knew even then, that it suddenly felt like I didn’t recognize the neighborhood I’ve been in all these years and honestly, it made feel a little naked. This morning I woke up and realized it doesn’t have to be that way. I deleted my 11-year old account that belonged to a girl in her 20s and traded it in for a new account designed for a woman in her 30s who only wants to broadcast certain parts of our lives to the people very near and very dear. So now, I have a private account with only a handful of family and friends, and I’m not able to keep up with the friend requests I’m receiving so I’m choosing not to even look, which is a little odd feeling. I’ve been praying for God to put a hedge of protection around my heart and mind in the middle of so much upheaval, and this simple, insignificant change gave me a warm and cozy feeling today. I am telling you this because I don’t want anyone who may be reading here, whom I’ve been connected to there, to feel like I’ve cut you off. If you think of me as a friend, chances are, we really are friends. If I see some of you old high school friends in line at Lee’s one day, I’ll be excited to hug your neck and even more excited to ask about your life because I won’t have already seen it on the internet. I’m just craving a little more privacy in my life and this was just the ticket. And today, I’ve got a new lease on internet life. You should try it, friends. It’s liberating.


I want to send a huge “thank you” and a hug to the sweet Crenshaw family who sent us these delicious Mississippi-made goodies today. I nearly ate the entire bag of cheese crisps. Oops.

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Monday, February 1st, 2016

Daily Journal

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  1. While of course I am so happy for all the publicity you and Ben have received in the past month, it would be unnerving. I think you made a wise decision as you are entitled to your privacy.

    I will be happy to keep up via your journal and in Instagram! ?

  2. I was a bit concerned with all the publicity that you and Ben have received in the past month and the toll it could take on you. What I know from you is that you cherish your true friends who really know you. I think your decision to ‘unplug’ from FB is wise.

    We can get our updates from here and Instagram! ?

  3. A very smart and wise decision indeed! I follow you on Instagram (the only social media I use!), so can stay connected. I deleted my Facebook account years ago as I just didn’t want all of my life up for public consumption. (and frankly, my life isn’t all that fascinating!) 🙂

    Put up the hedge, fence or whatever else is needed to keep a bit of yourself.

  4. Erin, I too have been concerned over you getting overwhelmed since HomeTown aired. I think you made a wise choice at the point in your life. I dont do FaceBook myself because it can be consuming.

    Keeping you and Ben in my prayers throughout this new journey in your lives. Hugs!

  5. I will miss seeing your face pop up in my newsfeed, but I 100% understand the need for protection around your private life during these times. I would do the same thing, very smart thinking!

  6. Hi Erin!
    I just followed you on instagram; I am NOT a Facebooker!! I feel that you did the right thing…I’m sorry for all the weirdo people that want to be your friend-it is sad that social media does this to people. I think creating a little distance is always healthy. Good Luck with everything-I loved your show!

  7. I totally think you made the right decision. I’m not sure what makes people think that because they like your TV show that they should be friends on Facebook with you. Maybe if the show had a page, and it probably will when it gets picked up (and I know it will), they could just like that page instead of trying to be your Facebook friend. Many people I work with don’t understand why I’m not their Facebook friend. My work and personal are separate and I don’t feel the need for 400+ friends like many do. I have less than 100 personal friends on Facebook and many are family and friends that live all over so it is the only way we can keep up!

    • There is an official page for the show, so that’s what made me feel okay about leaving things behind. We can reach out to everyone who likes Home Town there, and anyway, it may not become a series and that’s okay too!

  8. Smart decision. I got completely off Facebook 5 years ago and it was the best decision EVER! The important people in my life I communicate with in person or by phone 🙂
    I just loved your HGTV pilot but loved your home even before that…..best of luck to you guys!

  9. Sounds like a smart move…..you are so gracious to be sharing as much of your life as you do. Don’t feel bad about doing what is right for you and Ben.


  10. This post is something I needed to read at this moment. Just Sunday I was debating whether or not I should “put the hedge up” and delete my Facebook. Social media can be consuming. I want to be more present in my life as well as my family’s.
    Thank you for writing about this. You have made my decision a little easier. It’s okay to be less social and more personal!

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