#2,226 Headline News + Trent Cards.

It was another regular old work day for us (with the exception of boxing up all the new orders placed when the show aired), and we spent the afternoon packing and taping, packing and taping. We saw our friends at Adam Trest’s gorgeous soon-to-be home goods and textile shop around the corner from our studio and heard we were on the front of the paper. I grabbed 75 cents and picked one up. Goodness, Ben was a cutie Sunday. And do you remember Andrea from the show when we were shopping in her store, Southern Antiques?
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Seriously, I think the best thing about all the excitement that’s been surrounding Home Town is seeing all the local business owners reaping some of the benefits and feeling the excitement of a town coming together to lift each other up. I LOVE to see small businesses thrive! UGH! Can I get a job helping that happen?

And later, we wrapped the new letterpress stationery our favorite legendary, globe trotting, anvil shooting, pheasant hunting, crawfish boiling, Land Rover driving, fly fishing, AC/DC rocking (only in my imagination maybe), ponytailing, dog loving, bow tie wearing, side x side shotgun shooting, Old Try loving, metal pouring buddy, Trent who owns one of the oldest businesses in the history of Laurel, Laurel Machine and Foundry Co. I wish y’all could meet him. He’s one cool cat, people.

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If you’re just joining us this week, you might not know it but heirloom fabric and letterpress wedding invitations at Lucky Luxe is my actual career. Among other art-y endeavors. Sometimes we even get to make stationery for people who let me put German Shorthair Pointers on their cards.




Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

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4 thoughts on “#2,226 Headline News + Trent Cards.

  1. My parents, who were born, raised, fell in love, and married in Laurel, finally came over to watch your show last night. It was so neat when them chirping in going “Is that Mr. Willet’s house, the attorney?” “Oh that looks like where ___ use to live?”

    But more importantly, it was their excitement to see the love you guys had for a town they grew up in, and have seen slowly diminish over time, that was the coolest for me to watch. My dad couldn’t stop expressing his joy over the fact that young people were moving in to town wanting to make their “Home Town” better! Thank you guys for what you’ve been doing, have done, and continue to do! Can’t wait to see what a positive impact this will have on Laurel!

  2. huge congrats on the show!!! I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet since I don’t have cable but I’ve liked the fb page and promoted you guys 🙂

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