#2,213 Scot Shop Cleanup.

My posts are pretty boring lately, I know. The truth of the matter is most days you don’t find out your TV air date or fly off to someplace magical for the weekend. Instead, you might do some dishes, put some clothes in the washer then forget to put them in the dryer, then go to the office supply store then go to work then go to church then go for a walk. That’s the gist of it around here, anyway. However, today Ben and Jesse finished getting the Scotsman shop cleaned up after all the building Ben did before the holidays and moved in some new work benches he bought from a warehouse somewhere. It’s so nice to be able to walk without falling over boards and buckets of nails!
Screen shot 2016-01-13 at 9.49.31 PM

Tomorrow at lunch (which is probably today for you!) I’m going to be doing my very first Persicope broadcast ever (is it a broadcast or am I just old?) and I would so love if some of you sweet familiar readers could be there. It’s going to be a false spring kind of day where the flowers bloom prematurely and the sunshine is so warm it’ll make me crave a beach trip, so Ben and I are gonna put the top down on Lucky bug and show you around the neighborhood. We’ll tell you some stories and maybe a little gossip. Maybe we’ll run into some of the people we talk about here everyday if we’re lucky. If you don’t have Periscope, you can download the app! It’s a live video streaming/chat thing. My name on there is @erinandbenco and Ben is @scotsmanco. I really hope to see y’all there!


Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Daily Journal

11 thoughts on “#2,213 Scot Shop Cleanup.

  1. Hi Erin, what time are y’all doing this at lunch? If it’s something I miss will there be a video to watch later? Would love to see yalls town!

  2. Hey Erin! I’m so excited to see the Periscope! If I’m unable to watch at work, I think I should be able to look at the video on Periscope later. At least, I hope so! Can’t wait to see Laurel!

    I’ve been reading the journal for a few months now. Thanks for inspiring me to start my own journal this year! I’m just 13 days in, but loving it!

    -Kelli in Birmingham, AL

  3. Oh my goodness, I was just part of your Laurel ride-a-long on Periscope and it was so fun! I LOVED the tour and just felt like I was in your VW bug with you and Ben. Getting to see all the landmarks from your journal made me feel like I was invited on a very special behind the scenes tour with you both. Thank you! Someday come to my town in Colorado and I’ll give you both a tour 🙂

    • Brooke!! I’m so glad you were there for it! I wish you could just hop in the car with us in real life. One day, maybe!

  4. Brook- thanks for checking it out! I haven’t gotten too personal as I still fear the Internet a little bit 🙂 my goal is to journal 1-2 times a week right now. Please let me know if you do start! I would love to read it.

    Kelli, I will send you my email. Thanks for sharing with with me:). My aunt and uncle have lived in Birmingham for 25 years now and I’m exited to see another take on it. They love it down there!

    I tried to sign up for periscope today but wasn’t keen on giving out my phone # and I don’t have Twitter. Maybe one day I’ll join the everyone else with social media!

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