#2,150 Veteran’s Day + Holly.

I woke up this morning with my grandfather on my mind, as I do every Veteran’s Day. He was a sailor aboard the USS Indianapolis at Pearl Harbor, a daddy of 4 four girls, he carried pink Extra bubblegum in his pockets to give away to whomever he might run into on his errand running each day, and he was a bonafide hero who was the spitting image of George Clooney. I wish Ben could have met him.

Over on the Lucky Luxe blog today, I got to interview Holly Mathis who is one of my all-time favorite interior designers. She’s become a sweet friend along the way, thanks to her brother Jimmy Don, who introduced us. Click over and read about her hangups with Sonic styrofoam cups and how she balances her work life as a mama. You’ll love her!

Also, random pretty afternoon photo. I love you, fall!

A lot of folks tell me they only remember to read my blog if I post it on facebook, so the new blog site (daily journal, actually) will send my daily posts right to all subscribers’ email inboxes. If you haven’t signed up yet, you’re welcome to hop over and get on board and it’ll make it way easier to read my completely unimportant news every day. I honestly can’t imagine anyone would want this in their email, but HEY my friend who is a marketing genius tells me it’s important so there you have it!


Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Daily Journal

4 thoughts on “#2,150 Veteran’s Day + Holly.

  1. I just became obsessed with your blog. I've been reading it for the last hour and I need to come to Laurel. Wait, aren't you supposed to be driving through Birmingham soon? AND you motivated me to blog today. I love how routine it is for you and it's just about what you did today. Nothing all planned out and "pinteresty". Just life. Thanks for being so genuine….even through the internets.

    • Oh, Lucy. What an incredibly high compliment from you! I try to keep it real, and talk positives only, but life is rarely pinteresty and I'm glad you feel that when you're visiting. I can't wait to hug your neck one of these days!

  2. First, you are spot on about your grandfather's resemblance to George Clooney! Wow, I took a double take when I saw the picture. What a handsome man!

    Second, love the fall picture. Now you just need a cat curled up among the plants and pumpkins!

    Third, love the picture introducing your new site. Your house is what introduced me to your site 3+ years ago and it looks awesome, as do you, Ben and the pups!

    Fourth, I don't need an email reminder to come to your site as you are the first stop in the morning for me. I need my daily dose of positive energy and even when you feel you are having a non-descript day, your kind spirit shines through!

    • Thank you so so so much for your endless encouragement, friend! You're always cheering us on and have no idea how much it means! As Peepaw aged, he looked just like Andy Griffith which suited him well. He was such a great man. I miss him.

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