#2,126 Layabout Saturday.

Oh, the weather couldn’t have been prettier today. While my favorite kind of day is cold, gray and overcast, bright blue skies with a high of 70 is pretty perfect. I’ll be honest with you. I did literally nothing today. This is it. We had the weekly Ole Miss party at my parents (where the game was dismal, so what else could I do?):

And afterward Ben and I spent a few hours on the porch sleeping reading.

Final thought for the day—I’m already in love with Kelsa’s baby girl, who is so growny and beautiful, even as a newborn, she looks 2 months old! And she’s so alert! Genius girl, obviously.


Saturday, October 17th, 2015

Daily Journal

7 thoughts on “#2,126 Layabout Saturday.

  1. Hey Erin!
    I am a devoted reader/follower of you and I need your help! My husband and I are going to New Orleans for the first time next week and need some advice on where to eat and what to do. We are foodies and we love old houses. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hey friend! I don't know if I would call us the authorities on New Orleans, but I can tell you the things we LOVE and what we would avoid. Loves: Mona Lisa on Royal St. in the Quarter (tiny hole in the wall Italian), Mena's Palace, Mother's, and Stanley for breakfast, Cafe Du Monde for beignets late at night NO MATTER WHAT you must do it. We love strolling Magazine Street for shopping and the Garden District for beautiful homes. We generally avoid Bourbon St. because it's just really really filthy and gross. You need to see it to understand, but don't spend your time there. EXCEPT go to Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop—the coolest and oldest bar in NOLA, lit by candle light and on the far, quiet end of Bourbon. The St. Roch Market is SUPER cool and that neighborhood is seeing a big rebirth. We once ate a very cool little creole restaurant called Adolfo's once that's in the Marigny and is famous among the locals, but pretty secret to tourists. There are cool antique and used books all along Royal St… Y'all have a great trip! Check out this link for all my posts on NOLA: http://www.makesomethinggoodtoday.com/search/label/new%20orleans

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