#2,104 North Mississippi Leaves.

It’s only 3 hours north of Laurel, but every time we come to Ben’s parents’ farm I truly believe the seasons change a month before ours, like Canada or something. The foliage this afternoon in north Mississippi made me giddy. Not kidding. I had a Gilmore moment. The trees on their property are all hardwoods with spectacular golden and fiery red leaves in the fall—something I wish we had more of in the southern half of the state.

It was in the 80s, but I can live with that because it can’t last forever. Right??


Friday, September 25th, 2015

Daily Journal

One thought on “#2,104 North Mississippi Leaves.

  1. We've been hitting low sixties here pretty constantly. I'm actually thinking of switching my Summer closet for my Winter closet (we really have those here, as soon we'll be going for forties and fifties). Here's to hoping next week will be some more Indian summer!

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