#2,053 Shopping Trip.

Mama and I made a girls’ trip to Hattiesburg to check out the J.Crew shipment at TJ Maxx this morning with our favorite little dude, who got to go to Toys R’ Us for the first time. Mama couldn’t leave without buying him this train tent, which he lovingly calls his ‘coo coo.’

The only thing I found that I just couldn’t live without was the green silk dress that Mallorie bought there last week, so I decided to leave it and just borrow hers whenever I really need a green dress. Isn’t it pretty, even on a hanger?

Afterward we went for lunch at our favorite. Tabella!

And by 1:00, John Walker was DONE with girls’ day.

It was so good to spend some time with them, and I got to check off one more thing on my 30 day birthday list: shopping with mama.

Baker heard the faintest rumble of thunder again today, though rain never fell. We were gone and he got scared and broke through the gate again… This time he’s still missing after the LPD have searched for 4 hours. Laurel folks, if you see him, please let us know. I so miss my puppy.

UPDATE! He was hiding under the Culbersons’ back porch staying cool. He scared us to death!


Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

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  1. You should buy the tile and stick it on his collar. Then you just need the app and it's a short range gps! You could also encourage your friends and family to download the app making the network larger. Hopefully he's realized that running off is a bad idea!

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