#2,045 Peach Nehi.

So, we don’t drink.

Alcohol, I mean.

We don’t need it though. Because:

Have you HAD a Nehi Peach before in your life? After a stressful day, lame as it is, a Nehi Peach smoothes over most any bump in the road. Ben grabbed one for me on the way out to my parents tonight when he paid for gas, and he might as well have given me a trip to Europe. Or a Snapple Apple—also exciting when stumbled upon.

Obviously, I spent today chained to my desk so there’s not much to report—but this. This really was a wonderfully thoughtful moment that made me feel very loved. Take note husbands of the world! It doesn’t take much, just a little daily kindness, to love your wives well.

Today is Josh’s birthday! Happy day, you ole travelin’ so and so!


Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Daily Journal

3 thoughts on “#2,045 Peach Nehi.

  1. Shaun does the same thing for me, but with Mexican coke in the bottle. So funny! He literally did this last night too!! We were going over to my parents to check on their house while they are out of town and go for a swim. Mexican cokes were on sale at his work (Target), so he brought them home and put them in the freezer to get ice cold, then packed them up to take with us to the pool bc he knows how much I love them. We have some good men in our lives!
    PS. Will have to give the peach Nehi a try on your recommendation now. We have Nehi in stores, but I am not sure I have ever seen peach. I'll have to do some searching around. 🙂

  2. The one store in my area of NC stopped carrying Peach Nehi and replaced it with Faygo Peach…It's just not the same. Last time I was down in MS I picked up 2 six packs and brought them back with me…That made me realize I'll need to pick up more the next time I'm home 😀

  3. My husband LOVES peach nehi and I LOVE mexican coke…..it's the real sugar that makes them both so delicious!


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