#2,041 Labels + Nutella Bread.

I found a very happy surprise in the mailbox this morning at the shop… 

Suddenly it all feels very real! Ahhhh! Now I’ve got to get busy making things!
Also, let’s all just drool for a moment over the Nutella banana bread our sweet friend Laura left on our front porch this evening for absolutely no reason other than she knows how everyone loves it and she gives it away at will:

It’s so dense and chewy and wonderful and Ben is eating low carb and it’s all mine and I need to share it and I wish you could help me!
Kind of. 
The blog is puny tonight because I can’t get iPhoto to launch on our computer and I’m feeling sort of panicked that I’ve lost all my photos… Any tech savvy folks know how to fix a 2008 Mac’s iPhoto? Anybody?


Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Daily Journal

8 thoughts on “#2,041 Labels + Nutella Bread.

  1. I have no advice on the computer, but ugh! so stressful. I hope you've recovered everything. Love the new labels, btw!!

  2. Oh. Oh. OH! Nutella banana bread. Haven't ever tasted it (I do on occasion make banana cake, which is also divine) but looks and sounds absolutely delicious. Want some.
    The labels remind me of my former school days (especially primary school), when labels were everywhere: in our clothes, on our books, … Nostalgia!

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