#1,996 New State of Jones + Heavy Chevy.

Today I got to wear my very own New State of Jones shirt, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that lots of other folks want one too. This is just a small thing, but it feels good to see this positive change happening all around us.

In other news, Chevy had a vet visit this morning for these mean old hot spots he gets on his sides and back every summer. Fortunately, the doctor gave us antibiotics and sent him home, but man I feel bad for the pup. Do your dogs have them? How do you stop it?


Monday, June 8th, 2015

Daily Journal

3 thoughts on “#1,996 New State of Jones + Heavy Chevy.

  1. Hi! I have two ideas for poor Chevy. First you could try taking all grains out of his diet for a while and see if that helps ( food allergies can cause skin problems, ear infections etc). Second, it would look funny but maybe you should trim his coat in the summer to allow for more air to circulate to his skin. Hope this helps! Love your lovely blog!


    • Hey Mary!! Both good suggestions! We've had them on grain-free food for over a year and thought that was the culprit… Till it's come back. Uggggh! We cut his fur last year a bit, maybe we'll try it again this year!

  2. I would add that I discovered my dog was even sensitive to any bones or treats with artificial flavorings, etc. When I took these out the problem cleared. For what it's worth 🙂


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