#1,993 Girls Shopping Trip.

Today we took another trip up to Jackson to do some more architectural salvage and house decor shopping for a project we’re working on and we learned just how obssessed we’ve become with all things blue and white. In case we missed that yesterday. 

We did some back stage shopping at Kalalou:

And got “grocery store feet” digging through dirty old doors and lumber at The Storied Salvage. Please tell me you know what that is in your part of the world?

And now I’m about “give out.” Do y’all say that one, too?


Friday, June 5th, 2015

Daily Journal

4 thoughts on “#1,993 Girls Shopping Trip.

  1. Well…never heard either grocery store feet or give out in either the northwest or the southwest! Hum…altho I think I could take a guess at give out… 😉

  2. Grocery store feet is a condition wherein your barefeet (or in my case, sandal feet) are filthy from walking around in dusty or dirty places.

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