#1,973 Sleepy Saturday.

I’ve taken another cold it seems, and after all the hullabaloo of last night—somehow I still wasn’t able to fall asleep because of the cold medicine I’m taking. We woke up pretty early to a dreary morning:

And had breakfast with everybody at Topher’s (minus the Nowells who were still recovering), then while Ben soldiered through yard work before the bottom fell out, I headed into the office to catch up on work. All the while, my sinuses got stuffier and runnier (at the same time) and I was losing steam. When Ben’s mama called and said she’d be stopping at our house for the night, I decided it would be the perfect time for breakfast for supper with Jookie and pajamas and an early night for the first time in so very long. The pancakes were fine.

But the bubble bath and pajamas are even finer. We should thank the good Lord for rest more often.

So cool that we can buy these delicious things in our town now. #fatandhappy


Saturday, May 16th, 2015

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2 thoughts on “#1,973 Sleepy Saturday.

  1. What a lovely looking evening of celebrating! (Your mama is the cutest. Tell Karen I say hi!)

    Josh & Emily really do have such a lovely home. Funny to think that almost a year ago we were walking through that backyard and you were telling us all about it!

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