#1,963 The Knight Butcher.

After much anticipation, our little town finally got a proper butcher shop today! The soft opening of The Knight Butcher was today after seeing little sneak peeks all over our instagram and facebook feeds for a couple months now and it was just as cool as we had all been hoping. They had every kind of beef you could imagine, lots of pork and chicken cuts, and fresh dog bones, too. I have a feeling Ben’s steak consumption is about to go off the charts. On the other end of their space is a little homemade fudge shop and kettle corn by Sweet Daddy’s. 

They did such a good job with the renovation, I can barely remember the way it was as a coffee shop when I worked there in high school.

This is Chad and Terri Knight. Chad and I go way back, running in the same circles when I played a lot of live music and some of the same shows as his band. After living in Seattle for a few years, they’ve moved back home to put down roots and start their dream business. How great is that?

So much change is happening around here—I know you’ve heard me talk about it before, but I wish you could see it in person. Exciting times we’re living in, people!


Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Daily Journal

3 thoughts on “#1,963 The Knight Butcher.

  1. It looks fantastic, this butcher shop of yours… We're hoping to do a big roadtrip in the USA next year and I'm trying really hard to include Laurel into our trajectory! Would be better-than-great if I could see it all for myself!

    I think it's fabulous how much energy everyone in Laurel seems to be putting into making the city/town centre that much better. Kind of jealous.

  2. That is awesome!! Closest thing I remember to a butcher shop was at David's Grocery on lower myrick rd….mmmm those hamburgers…mmmmmmm

  3. This is great!! What an exciting new addition!
    I love our neighborhood butcher shop that is just down the road from us. Can't beat it – so much better than the grocery store!

    And I agree with Camille. It is so great to see how much love and work everyone in Laurel is putting into their community! It truly looks like a great place to live!

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