#1,960 Sunnies + Backyard’s Better.

Remember a million years ago when I gave Mammaw a pair of sunglasses? She’s still got em. She wore em for lunch today at my parents out on the deck. And I couldn’t take this photo of us twinning fast enough. This is my homegirl, people.

We took her back home afterward and checked out all the new fresh flowers blooming around the portico, still wearing her fly sunglasses.

Then we went home and broke our backs working in the backyard to finish up the last little bit of landscaping we’ve been gradually plugging away on for a couple weeks. I want to be 100% real with y’all. This is an un-Photoshopped image of the dirt pit horse pen that is our backyard. That white area in the grass is where Ben spray painted the fence without a tarp.  The dirt you see is the race track Chevy and Baker have created. The stone path area was done by Ben and Jesse yesterday then fertilized in hopes of growing grass today. Full disclosure here—we’ve got a tough backyard, but it’s so much better than it was! Woo!

My posting will be sorta sparse and undetailed for the next 2 months starting tomorrow most likely, but I’ll be writing private blogs for my own record that I might get to share down the road. Hang in there, okay friends? I’ll miss you if you leave me!


Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

Daily Journal

8 thoughts on “#1,960 Sunnies + Backyard’s Better.

  1. As if I could leave you. You're my daily wake-up call! I wish you smooth sailing with whatever you're taking up now 😉

  2. I am going nowhere so no worries! Thanks for the real photo of your backyard. While the front yard at my house is lovely – the back yard not so much. The dog has made it his own, but it's a work in progress. (and truthfully, I'll take my dog over a perfectly manicured yard any day!)

  3. Erin, I am a fellow Mississippi girl (I use that term loosely, I'm your Mom's age 🙂 who has been following your blog since your house was posted on Hooked on Houses. I have been so impressed with you and have been inspired by you many times and in many ways! God is truly using you as a blessing to others…don't ever forget that! I'm looking forward to hearing more of all the exciting things that are in store for you and Ben, as well as Laurel! By the way, I share your love of old houses and old things, and have started a blog of my own with my husband about our historic house, The Big John Hart House. Please visit our blog at thebigjohnharthouse.blogspot.com and tell us what you think! Keep your posts coming as much as you can during these exciting times!

  4. *slumps over to begin toddler-like tantrum.
    I am pouting so hard core right now, but I know you're busy. I read your blog every night and I'm sure gonna miss you on here! Just don't give up Instagram. I can't quit cold turkey ;).

  5. Glad you aren't going to be totally MIA. Good news fo sho!! I would miss my daily dose of y'all and the Laurel happenings! 🙂

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