#1,954 Cereal Mug + Everything In Its Place.

OH MAN Y’ALL I’M SO TIRED. My poor little ole back is aching and my eyes are heavy, but I’ve got to count my blessings no matter how sweetly my bed is calling.

Today my sweet friend Laura (the same one who makes pottery, pet portraits and watercolored the scripture verse) surprised me with the greatest invention ever to compliment my soup and cereal obsession. A cereal mega mug! In my favorite colors!

And after a quick trip out to mama’s house for breakfast for supper (my favorite! complete with homemade biscuits and mayhaw jelly!) we came right back into town to go to the shop and finished up what we started this afternoon.

We removed every single sample shelf and drawer…

We made a numeric/alphabetical grid of every cabinet and drawer…

And we got every single sample documented, organized, labeled and accounted for and even left one column mostly empty so there will be room for future invitation collections.

And Ben made small stacks of the shipping boxes labeled by product code, size, and use in the shipping room and put the surplus in the attic so we can replinish as needed.

We got home at midnight.

And now, I will collapse. Goodnight!


Monday, April 27th, 2015

Daily Journal

7 thoughts on “#1,954 Cereal Mug + Everything In Its Place.

  1. I just recently moved into my new workshop and I want so desperately to be organized but as I was getting ready to epoxy a knife handle on last night I had to clear the junk off my workbench so I'd have a clear space…I'm not even sure how all that … stuff got out there…Digging the cereal cup..If I could get away with it I'd eat cereal 3 times a day!

    • Um… It's daunting. To say the very least. I totally feel your pain. And cereal—what's your favorite?? I keep a box of all of these at all times: Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies Treats, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and maple and brown sugar Life. I'm hungry now.

  2. I keep store brand (Lowes Food..probably and NC thing) of corn flakes, honey nut cherios, frosted mini wheats and sometimes raisin bran.

    I actually like to mix my cereal…My favorite combo (right now) is honey nut cheerios on the bottom with corn flakes on top…the weight of the corn flakes keep the cheerios from floating up when I put milk on them…Good rule of thumb is a sweet with a plain…My second favorite is rice krispies with frosted mini wheats…But you have watch the ratios…The frosted mini wheats don't float and they will fill you up quicker so they're perfect to go under the rice krispies…Scoop of krispies and bam! a frosted mini wheat.

    Yea, I've put a lot of thought and research into my cereal consumption practices :-D…It's more a hobby at this point, lol!

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