#1,947 Doodling + Michael.

There aren’t many weekdays when I finish my work and have time to let my mind wander with a sketchbook and a brush, but somehow, some way, this Friday took it easy on me and my new Furlow Gatewood book inspired some doodling.

After work, Ben and I ran down to Hattiesburg to meet our friend Michael who was in town picking up some new lights for his tintype portrait sessions. So, Tabella, naturally. We are creatures of habit.

He gave an old Jerry Clower vinyl to Ben, so now we will be getting a record player I just bet you.
Please, please, non-Mississippi readers. Please tell me you’ve listened to Jerry Clower?!


Friday, April 17th, 2015

Daily Journal

6 thoughts on “#1,947 Doodling + Michael.

  1. Oh yes ma'am… Between my grandfather, Jerry Clower, Grady Nutt and a neighbor of ours, i learned early that crafting a big funny story about a little bit of nothing is about the best gift you can give yourself…and hopefully someone else listening in. Thanks for the flashback!! I've youtubed the CoonHuntin' story already..

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