#1,936 Duke Wins (Again).

So, you might know this, but Ben used to be a North Carolina boy and his daddy went to Duke. Duke is a very big deal to his family. Like… A VERY BIG DEAL, along with Scottish ancestry, old Chevrolets, John Wesley, and whole milk. A couple years ago, he took me there to see that gorgeous campus on our way to his high school reunion. And even if Ben missed a lot of the games this season with everything we’ve got going on, he’s been living for the national championship game tonight. True to form, Duke beat Wisconsin, even after trailing for much of the game!

In other news, our dog still knows how to work a camera. He smiles, he winks. He’s cute.


Monday, April 6th, 2015

Daily Journal

7 thoughts on “#1,936 Duke Wins (Again).

  1. I'm a few blogs behind, but Japanese Yew is toxic to dogs! Wouldn't want anything to happen to your sweet babies.

    • Oh my goodness! We had no idea! We've got a temporary fence around them right now and will be putting a permanent one soon so we should be good. They don't typically bother the plants besides laying on them.

  2. My Wisconsin Badgers just weren't themselves last night and their play showed it. They couldn't hit their shots and just seemed off. Duke was able to use that and win the game. I am very sad however proud of what Wisconsin accomplished this year. Congratulations to Duke.

    • Nancy, I texted my brother before the game and said that it would be hard to cheer against Wisconsin, and it was. Of course I was happy my daddy's alma mater won, but I felt like the Blue Devils played a little rougher than they should have. You and the rest of the Wisconsin fans should be proud, they've been a favorite of mine for a few seasons.

  3. Baker is such a handsome boy! Wish I could give him kisses.

    Have you ever posted any blueprints of your home? I would love to see the layout of your beautiful house!

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