#1,908 Beauty Shop.

I know that lately all I can talk about is my grandmother. And I know how tired you must be if you’re reading along each day, but the thing is… Seeing her make this huge adjustment so gracefully (there it is again—my word of the month?) really is the best thing that happens for me in recent days. Our family is very close and very few, so when one of us is going through something—it’s all I can think about. Forgive me. And don’t feel like you must read for a while if it bores you. This is my daily journal after all, and I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t write about it. She’s just precious to me, as you can tell by now.

Today, the in-house beautician knocked on her door while I was visiting and told her, “Mrs. Rasberry, I’m here to take you to your hair appointment!”

I cannot stress to you the importance of the weekly beauty shop visit for a sweet little old lady. She LIVES FOR IT. I’ve maybe never seen her light up like she did at those words. He pushed her down the hall and surprised her when he wheeled her into a little beauty parlor right there in the same building. She was thrilled.

The great wash and curl transformed her into 100% her old self. Heading down the hall to lunch in the dining room, she held her chin up, smiling, feeling glamorous and confident. She powdered her nose. She wanted to eat lunch with everybody else and get to know some people today. She got to the dinner table and crossed her legs. I told her she looked beautiful. The white haired man across the table from her said, “She sure is.”

She’s not ready to stop living just because she’s 92, as long as her hair is curled.

God bless Mr. Randy. Heck of a man.


Monday, March 9th, 2015

Daily Journal

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  1. I'm not bored yet 😉 One of the big attractions of reading about you, following you, is your family. Everyone who passes by can sense that that family is your cornerstone, that that's a huge part of where your energy and sense of being comes from (as everyone who has a loving family is blessed by). Write as much as you need, want or feel like about your family, because for me, it also makes me think more about mine, which I love.
    Thank you.

  2. I just love reading about your grandmother, truly! She was and is such a beauty. From one young person to another, THANK YOU for caring so deeply for her!

  3. I LOVE that you share this with us! It's ALL about family and I enjoys hearing about you and yours. I look forward to your posts- the first thing I read very early every morning. And yes, please come to Maine!

  4. I LOVE this! Your grandmother is a beautiful woman and I delight in your stories about her. Your family, like mine, is close and I am always thrilled to read about all of them. Makes me feel like I know all of you! 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing your family with us. Today's post made me think about my grandmother's and their beauty regimens. 🙂

  6. Love seeing updates on your grandmother. After losing both mine almost 10 years ago, it's nice to remember what it can be like to still have a grandmother around. I see so many of these moments reflected back in my own life–things we experienced with both of my grandmothers and two of my great aunts. Thanks for sharing! And make sure to tell her she's stunning!

  7. I love your posts about your grandmother! Grandparents really are the very best. My Nana means everything in the world to me, so I know how you feel.
    And until you mentioned that she is 92, I never would have guessed! She looks great! And I think we can all relate to how darn good it feels to get our hair did! 😉

  8. Thanks for sharing. My grandparents are gone now, but I was lucky to have them until I was in my 30s. You reminded me that my mamaw went to the beauty shop on Thursdays!


  9. Thank you for sharing, this is the most adorable post and put such a big smile on my face. In fact, I'm copying you to an extent and trying to journal 30 days of positive thought where I write down one positive thought or thing from each day and I believe that this post will be the one I write down tonight. Blessings to you and your dear grandmother!!

  10. Like so many others, I love hearing about your family as they are such a part of you. You write as long as you desire about them!

    My mom is 92 and gets her hair washed and set every Friday. She looks so darn cute when she is done and reminds me of your grandmother, although my mom still lives alone at home.

  11. You guys. Your comments today are the BEST. If Mammaw knew about my blog and what a blog was, I know she'd be touched by all of your incredibly sweet remarks! She really is a tough, beautiful lady to know. I'm lucky to get to share her with y'all!

  12. I love this. My Mom is 87 and stills gets her hair washed and set every week. I love how close you are to your family. You are precious just like your Mammaw..

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