#1,906 Sunny Saturday.

We woke up and had breakfast at Jim and Mal’s. Those dang 7-Up biscuits are about the finest thing a person can have at 8:30 am.

And then I spent the day being as productive as I could be. I cleaned out the fridge and scrubbed the shelves, which I think is a major achievement since this is one of those things constantly on the list of “things I need to do… one day.” It’s a pretty sad sight, but at least it’s clean. Can you tell I haven’t been cooking lately?

Then I spent lunch with Mammaw, Clark and Walker. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a baby into a nursing home—but they totally steal the show. Older folks LOVE babies, people. THEY LOVE THEM. He ran straight into her lap when we got there and gave her a kiss square on the mouth. Of course, I didn’t capture that moment, I got this blurry blinky one instead:

And then I went home and planted some spring flowers in my porch pots that should withstand the rest of the cold weather this season and still look good in April and May. I hope. I’m so sad my favorite terra cotta pot with cracked white paint is finally crumbling. You were a good pot, girl… But I’m not ready to say goodbye.

I hope your Saturday was full of sunshine, too.


Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Daily Journal

2 thoughts on “#1,906 Sunny Saturday.

  1. I've had your sweet Mammaw in my prayers, I know how difficult this transition must be. She is so blessed to have y'all near by. It makes my heart happy when people cherish the time they have with their grandparents.

    • I absolutely love that she's so close to me now. I've been going to see her every morning and night because it's fun and it's easy to. I think it's the best thing our parents could have ever done for her. Today she went to the on-site beauty shop and I think that sealed the deal.

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