#1,898 Waco.

We woke up with the sun and hit the road, bound for Texas with Jim and Mal.

We had the MOST appropriate soundtrack:

A quick stop in Shreveport for lunch at the Twisted Root:

And before long we were finally pulling into icy, freezing cold Waco for dinner with a few of the amazing folks involved with Fixer Upper (no, not Chip and Joanna tonight, they had to work late to finish up before their last reveal of season 2 shooting tomorrow):

Lindsey, the most genuine, and caring network executive in TV history, and Clint, our friend and small business mentor:

Kelly, Ben and Jimmy Don were across from us alternating between cutting up and serious business talk:

Tomorrow should be fun. So far, Texas is a-okay with me.


Friday, February 27th, 2015

Daily Journal

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  1. So fun! As a longtime reader and horrible commenter, I wanted to say how sweet it is for me to see God blessing you with His favor after all these years of you being diligent with the gifts He has given Ben and you. Blessings! xx, Ashley

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