#1,895 Mama.

It was another intense and difficult and long day at the shop that made my brain feel like a tangled up necklace (you know what I’m talking about), and this afternoon when I received a text from my mama that said, “I’m making y’all a big pot of ranch stew for dinner. Bringing it over in a little while.” I felt like crying at her thoughtfulness–because she knew she might not be able to help me with my work, but she definitely knows how to help me with my heart. 

I wouldn’t let her bring it to us, I wanted to be there at home for dinner. It feels so good to eat your favorite thing at mama’s house doesn’t it?


Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Daily Journal

5 thoughts on “#1,895 Mama.

  1. I did just the same yesterday. My dad is this big financial genius, so we drop by every so often with certain questions and we coupled that with dinner yesterday and really, there's no place like home.
    She made this huge dinner which consisted of basically everything I love, because she knows that with my new job, I haven't had heaps of time to cook for us properly. Gotta love mums, right?

  2. Until this past August, my parents lived the last 10 years in CA and I only ever got to see them on Thanksgiving, Christmas, maybe my birthday and one other time if it worked out. I always missed us being together, but never really had them here to know what it felt like to have that 'going home' feeling when you're an adult with your own life. So now, it's pretty amazing to get a call from my Mom inviting us over for supper or saying they're 'coming to the city' (aka Tulsa, since they are out in the country a bit) and want to try out a new restaurant. There's nothing like it and I am grateful every day to have them back.
    Plus, Shaun loves it too because he gets an extra homemade meal if he is lucky! 😉

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