#1,889 Meeting + Flow Chart + Ash Wednesday.

First of all, good morning from Baker boy who is LOVING this cold weather:

Second, we had a really great meeting with our friends Trent and Whitney about some business ideas and collaboration brainstorming…

Which resulted in our finally scoring one of his sought after cast iron skillets!!!

Then Ben and I spent the evening coming up with a flow chart for the production designer handbook I’ve been writing for Lucky Luxe and it took the most enormous weight off my shoulders to have this written down and mapped out. I know how geeky this is, but it is hands-down the best thing that happened today. I’m notoriously bad at problem solving, but with Big’s help I was able to map out part of our process that I couldn’t have figured out otherwise. Next up is to make it look pretty and designerly…

And then we went to church for the Ash Wednesday service, which is always a somber and special reminder of the sacrifice our Father made for us. I’ve committed to praying more at specific times each evening rather than give up something.

Are you giving up or taking up something for Lent?


Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Daily Journal

4 thoughts on “#1,889 Meeting + Flow Chart + Ash Wednesday.

  1. I went to the service yesterday as well and felt more moved than I normally do. Might've been because I went to the cathedral, instead of our usual church, where everything is much more traditional than I'm used to. Who knows?

    Due to what was preached here (namely, to give up something which you'll actually feel the longing for, instead of just giving up a bit of something you like), I've resolved to get up earlier (as in: don't snooze!), to get everything, including myself, ready in the mornings. My other 'work point' is a moment of quiet time every evening, where I'll try to make specific time for contemplation and prayer.

  2. I went to service yesterday as well and was so moved. Perhaps it was due to the cold (-2) temperature and the warmth (both physical and spiritual) of the service. Like you, rather than 'giving something up' I've decided to pray more often and walk a bit gentler. By that I mean, be less critical, complain less, do more random acts of kindness, etc…give more love.

    Praying that you have a great Thursday!

  3. Love that skillet. And a good flow chart!

    For Lent, I'm trying to do one thing each that corresponds to the traditional "prayer, fasting, and almsgiving" nature of the season — so, carving out a little more time for spiritual reading and prayer in the evening; giving up sweets and booze and little extras at meals (to remind myself that I can, and that it won't kill me, even if it sometimes feels like it!); and finding a program through our church (soup kitchen, women's care center, etc.) where I can volunteer some extra time and money. I find that the balance of spiritual/concrete, inward/outward focused, etc., helps me stay on track.

    One day at a time, though! Hope everyone here has a blessed Lent —

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