#1,877 Mr. Huey + Midnight Oil.

We woke up this morning and made the long drive south to Picayune for Emily’s grandfather’s funeral. He was so beloved by everyone in their town, that we waited in line for an hour just to get inside the church and give his precious family hugs. It made me think of Edward Bloom, and the end of my all-time favorite movie, Big Fish.

It didn’t feel like a mournful occasion, it felt more like a celebration of his faithful life, with stories being told by every person waiting in the line to pay their respects, and his Levi Garrett chewing tobacco lying on the podium beside the guest book.

What an honor to be counted as someone who met him even once. And what an honor to know his amazing family!

We didn’t get back to Laurel until late in the afternoon, and we set to work finishing up the wainscoting (Ben) and designing proofs and reworking our pricing (me). It was 8:30 when we finally left the studio (with finished wainscoting!) and called in carry-out from Panda.

Tomorrow, we clean up the shop and start staining all the finished woodwork. I can’t believe it!


Friday, February 6th, 2015

Daily Journal

4 thoughts on “#1,877 Mr. Huey + Midnight Oil.

  1. I can't thank y'all enough for coming to Paw-Paw's funeral yesterday. We were completely awestruck by the outpouring of people from all stages of his life. Well over 1500 made it through the receiving line, and when the service began the line was still to the parking lot. I've never seen so many grown men in tears, and y'all should see the flowers on Nanny's front porch. Some of the local florists actually ran out of flowers. Paw-Paw wouldn't believe that many people came just to remember him. Y'all are just the sweetest friends I could ever ask for. Love you both so so much.


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