#1,861 Lunch with Tom.

Ben’s younger brother, Tom, owns Napier Trucking up in Baldwyn (near Tupelo), and the only time we ever get to see him is on our trips to Ben’s parents or if we are lucky enough to be on one of his routes to one place or another. Today he called us an hour away from Laurel and told Ben to make a lunch plan. We had lunch at Mi Casita that lasted until 2:00 because there was so much catching up to do (even though they talk on the phone every day like girls).

Maybe it’s because I come from a small family, with my only sibling being the opposite gender and much older than me, but I am endlessly fascinated by the way there can be 4 brothers, separated by just a few years, all cut from the same genetic cloth, all completely opposite in so many ways, and all exactly the same in others.
For instance:
Sam is a math professor, analytical, into craft beers and debating things. He really enjoys learning more about math and is a great cook. He married a red head.
Ben is fearless in all social situations. He likes making things, fixing things. He’s interested in creative things—books and music. He’s incredibly even-tempered and slow to anger. He married a blonde.
Tom is the hot-tempered unbearded Napier brother, the early riser who gets up with the sun. He hated school and always wanted to see the world from behind the wheel of Peterbilt. He married a brunette.
Jesse is crazy polite, the introspective brother who gets carried away with questions and thoughts on the big things—politics and sociological topics. He’s not naturally social, but you’d never guess it. Who knows who he will marry?
They all love cars, Duke basketball, and believe their father is the smartest, toughest, wisest, coolest man on earth. And I’m so glad they’re my family.


Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Daily Journal

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  1. I've got two sisters and one brother and we're mostly very different, with one big red line: love for music, in any shape or form.

    My baby sister is called Emilie (and is considered semi-American to us, as she stayed in Wisconsin for almost a year), loves playing the saxophone, goes completely nuts socially with heaps of friends and activities and is studying fysiotherapy.

    My other sister Sixtine studies archeology with equal interest and has always been fascinated with everything herbology and Indian theorem. She has one hell of a temper when sparked (which luckily doesn't happen often) and sings in a choir, while also playing the violin (not at the same time, obviously).

    My baby brother (I insist on calling him this, because I'm the eldest by 14 months and he's outgrown me since I turned 10 or so) is called Olivier and he's the bachelor of the group (at 24, so we give him a break ;-)). He studies Law, goes out with friends quite frequently and plays football (you call it soccer, I think) as often as he can. He used to play saxophone and drums, but now contents himself with listening to music now.

    I'm the oldest of the gang, enjoy reading and cooking immensely and am happiest when I can just hang out with friends at one of our places or one of the usual hang-outs. I sing in a choir and can help myself out on the piano if necessary.

    See? We all love each other (mostly ;-)).

  2. Being an only child with four of my own, I, too, find it fascinating how totally opposite yet similar they can be. Loved this post – made me think even more about mine. So happy my kids have siblings to fight with and love.

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