#1,856 Thai Food + Candle Talk.


I reluctantly ate Thai food tonight at Ross and Laura’s urging that we all go to dinner at Jutama’s… And I was surprised to find that I liked it. It wasn’t spicy like I had imagine it would be, and I cleaned my Thai fried rice plate.

 And edamame. 


In other news, we are getting into serious conversations with the candle company about creating some custom fragrances for Lucky Luxe Dry Goods (coming this summer!) and I would love your input. We will start with just one and see how it goes. Which would you be interested in first? I know Ashlee’s answer and I tend to agree with her… But y’all tell me what you think.
1. Finally, a candle that smells EXACTLY precisely like the sweet olive blooms that are the smell of long walks around Laurel in the spring and fall that I’ve been talking about forever on this blog.
2. A candle that smells exactly like hot tea with lemon since B&BW discontinued it–because until I finally run out of my stockpile, that’s the smell of this house all winter long, the smell of Downton Abbey and rainy, sleepy Sundays.
3. A candle that smells like my beloved discontinued Simply White perfume that Ben has requested so it will remind him of the week we met whenever it’s burning on the piano in the office.
One of them is getting made… And I’m leaning sweet olive. What do y’all think?


Friday, January 16th, 2015

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16 thoughts on “#1,856 Thai Food + Candle Talk.

  1. I like the first two, but agree that the sweet olive just be your signature scent. Just hope it doesn't cause me to sneeze like olive trees do!

    I had the same reaction when first introduced to Thai food – thought it would be hot and spicy. When I found out there were five levels of spice, I was thrilled there would be a level for this bland Norwegian palate!

  2. I hadn't smelled Sweet Olive trees until I wandered around New Orleans last year. I would definitely buy the candle that replicated that smell!

  3. Jutama's is our FAVORITE! You were two blocks from my house! Come back and see our mid century modern gem next time you eat Thai! And I'm voting for sweet olive, but the others sound awesome also!

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