#1,811 More Painting.

I’m sorry there’s not much to report today because I spent most of it making the illustrations for the pitch film and working on a new project at work that’s got me so excited I actually danced around a little bit. So for now, because like everything else in my life lately it seems, I can’t talk about it yet, here are the 3 finished room paintings.

This one was TOUGH.

I have one painting left to do of a beautiful kitchen and I hope to finish that tomorrow. I’m really enjoying using my hands instead of a mouse and that art degree my parents worked so hard to pay for. I’m sorry for so many work posts. Some days, I don’t look up from my desk and before I know it… It’s supper time. And most days, there’s nothing I would rather do.

And I’m so very very thankful for that.


Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Daily Journal

8 thoughts on “#1,811 More Painting.

  1. Erin, I am enjoying your paintings more than the original photos. Truly. The bedroom painting, I just want to crawl into that bed and read dozens of books all day long. And your painting of the staircase one with the dog has so much more character than the photo. I want the story behind it. I want to climb up the stairs and explore the entire house, with the white dog trailing behind me. I want to see more! You are onto something here girl!

    • Oh my stars, Brooke! That's got to be the best compliment I've ever received about my work. I would love if people have that reaction from the heart to want to be IN that home. I know I sure do staring at the photo while I paint!

  2. I can't even draw a stick figure so I am always so in awe of talented artists….your paintings are beautiful.

    So much exciting news for you and Ben. I am enjoying following along on this journey.


    • Ohhhhh now I don't believe that. Anyone who loves an old house like yours has to have some natural creative ability. I'm so glad you're here, Lora!

  3. You have some serious talent my friend! Your paintings are incredible and leave me longing for more. Lovely post!

    – Talia 🙂

    • I sure don't want to overdo the painting posts, but tonight should be the last one for a while. Thank you for your encouraging words, as always!

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