#1,785 Ben’s First Day + Apples.

I woke up to a day that was so absolutely wonderfully regular. No film crew to prepare for, no urgent work to do. Just a regular day.

With one exception—it was Ben’s very first full day on the self-employed full-time grind. He did so much that I normally would’ve had to do on my own that I don’t know how I was managing to get it all done before today.

And this afternoon we got a very special delivery from Quarry Hill, the apple orchard I’ve been doing all the branding, web design and packaging work for over the last several months.

I was blown away by how amazing the experience of opening up this enormous fruit crate of fresh apple varieties, honey, maple syrup, and apple sauce was. I felt nostalgic for something I’ve never experienced—which is the mark of a good product, I think. It was so cool to see all the pieces I’ve been designing come together in this one lovely, vintage-inspired package. You can find all their gift crates and boxes here if you’re looking for a yummy and unique gift to send someone over the holidays.

And then we had a little apple tasting party at Jim and Mal’s and tried about half the varieties in the box. Have you ever had a suncrisp apple??? Do yourself a favor and make that happen STAT.


Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Daily Journal

15 thoughts on “#1,785 Ben’s First Day + Apples.

    • I love Pink Ladies. So does my boyfriend and if I dare buy something else (due to PLs being sold out) I always get the sad puppy-eyes. Always. They're sweet (both in name and in taste), crunchy enough and have a lovely blush.

    • HA Seriously? I'm friends with the folks at this apple orchard and they would never ask me to mention them. I just think they're doing something really cool. Sorry about that—feel free to stop reading.

  1. This is Brooke from Quarry Hill Orchards and a friend of Erin. I was just delighted and touched that Erin shared her excitement about a project we worked on together. I was surprised by her tactful sincerity. A designer as talented as Erin deserves to share her work. I'm sorry you felt differently.

    • Thank you, Nancy! I try not to bore y'all to often with what I'm working on… But doesn't everybody love apples? (well, besides 'anonymous') 😉

  2. Honey crisp and pink lady apples are a favorite at my house. Thanks for sharing the orchard with us.


  3. Dear Anonymous, There are so many sad things going on in our world, but Erin mentioning an Orchard she works with is certainly not one of them. I have been reading this blog for a couple of years but have never commenting until now. This may not be the blog for you. Erin, I appreciate you opening up your home and life to us. Not to mention those adorable pups! 🙂

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