#1,770 TCB + The Great Pumpkin.

It was another 90 mile per hour day where I barely looked up from my computer. I’ve got a little letterpress notebook Friedrich, our head pressman, gave me and I carry it with me all the time. I’m constantly making lists of things to take care of, ideas, and if I don’t have the little notebook it feels like my life is out of control. As you can see, I’ve got another bigger notepad that keeps up with my Lucky Luxe to-dos, but it stays on my desk at the studio.

I’m asking for this planner for Christmas. Take note, Ben.

Before I knew it, it was getting close to 6:00, and time to go over to the pumpkin patch for the annual Great Pumpkin showing.

And afterward, there was some very skilled shadow puppeting:

Y’all, I’m beat. And I’m feeling so good lately. Life is really fun right now.

My sister-in-law Lyn’s surgery went well this morning and she’s recovering at a university hospital tonight. She’s in a lot of pain, but sleeping a good bit which I think is good news. I know they would appreciate if y’all could send up one more little prayer for she and Sam, Jared and Ellie if you think of it.


Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Daily Journal

5 thoughts on “#1,770 TCB + The Great Pumpkin.

  1. So happy for your sister-in-law! Sleep's often the best cure, so I'm sure everything will turn out to be perfect soon. I'll be sure to remember her in my prayers tonight, just to make sure 🙂
    Is it bad that I've never seen The Great Pumpkin? Huge fan of Snoopy and consorts, but I just can't seem to find that movie here…

  2. Glad to know your sister-in-law is resting and healing. Continued prayers sent her way!

    – Talia 🙂

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